The Blue River series: Book 1

The Shell Keeper

Three women brought together by accident, like battered shells washed up on a beach…

Gwen’s learning to empty-nest, her bakery’s bottom line won’t rise, and her husband’s job is threatened, but she’s always up to a challenge…isn’t she?

Claire’s a single, tough-minded real estate agent willing to do whatever it takes to get a deal done–as long as she doesn’t have to get too friendly with anyone along the way.

Del’s life is a wreck, as evidenced by the once lovely display of orange pansies demolished across the hood of her minivan. She’s a newly divorced mom in desperate need of a job and some confidence.

The Shell Keeper is a humorous and touching story about three women who have gifts to share and lessons to learn. All three are in for some surprises!


“Told with humor and grace, The Shell Keeper is a touching story that reminds us of the strength and resilience of women as well as the power of friendship.”

Lana Williams,

USA Today Best-Selling Author

“The Shell Keeper is one of those books that warms your heart and leaves you feeling as though you just made some new best friends. I laughed, I got weepy eyed; but mostly I just enjoyed this delightful novel.”

Darlene at ‘Peeking Between The Pages’ Book Blog

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