Harper Evans’ luck has been very bad. She trusted her mother and that landed her in the county Jail, with custody of her son going to her mother-in-law, who was never her fan.

She’s free now and ready to reclaim her son and make a fresh start, the only problem is she’s broke and stuck in a Colorado mountain town with no friends and only a slim thread of hope to hang onto.

Logan Rivers just fired his housekeeper because her idea of keeping house had more to do with playing between the sheets than washing them.

Now he’s running the family ranch while his dad is out of town and doesn’t have time for cleaning house and putting three squares on the table every day. Plus, the learning disability he struggled with in his youth has led to what seems like an insurmountable problem that could cost the ranch thousands, not to mention what little self-respect he still has.

When Harper applies to be Logan’s new housekeeper she decides not to tell him about her son, or her bad luck with the law. Her new job might solve one problem for them both, but neither of them expects the growing attraction they start to feel.

Logan’s luck in love has been lousy and he’s not anxious to be hurt again. Harper came to town looking for her son and she can’t get him back without a steady job and a place to live. If she risks her heart with Logan and tells him the truth does she put her future with her son at risk?  

Once again Ms. Marts is drawing her readers back to the cowboys of Creedance, Colorado and readers will be happy to go on this journey. Personally, this is my favorite book of this series thus far. The author has written compelling characters with fleshed out back stories.

Plus, with each new book Marts adds layers to the community of Creedance and its citizens. By now readers are feeling very much at home with the folks they’ve come to love and root for in this little mountain town. There’s no doubt they’ll be rooting for Harper and Logan as well.

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