Did you ever have a favorite secondary character in a book and find yourself wishing they had a book of their own? You wanted to know them better, you wanted to see their lives play out and their dreams come true? Well, this is that book for me.

A Rogue Meets His Match is the 7th book in Lana Williams Rogue Chronicles series and our heroine, Margaret, kept showing up in other heroine’s stories. While her sisters and friends were overcoming adversity and finding true love—not to mention personal fulfillment—Margaret was at home, helping her mother take care of her ailing father.

She has a secret too, one only her family and closest friend know. Members of fashionable Regency society are never expected to participate in anything resembling work, but Margaret loves designing gowns and even sewing them.

She’s finally come to a point in her life where she’s accepted that she will never marry, so she must find happiness within her family, and as the anonymous author of popular fashion plates in a monthly publication. Well, almost accepted.

That’s when her best friend’s brother, Edward, Earl of Wynn, secretly asks her help in choosing the right woman to propose too. Edward has a reputation with the ladies, but he also has an estate in need of funds and knows it’s time to accept his responsibility to his title and choose a wealthy bride.

Margaret disapproves of his lifestyle and Edward has never thought of Margaret as anyone other than his little sister’s outspoken friend. It’s not a likely match, and Margaret doesn’t even have the hefty dowry Edward’s estate desperately needs. As time goes on they each discover that the other is not what they expected, but so much more than they could have hoped for. Now they just have to figure out how to overcome some very big obstacles.

As with Williams other books, the journey is so much fun to follow, and meeting up with the variety of secondary characters, whose stories you’ve read about in previous installments of the series, adds a delightful layer of complication and interest. This time around, it’s Margaret’s turn, and the anticipation was worth the wait, it’s a fun and fulfilling tale.

(fyi…while I like to read a series from the beginning, this book definitely stands on its own–as do all the books in the series. So if this one intrigues you, check it out first!)

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