This second book in Lana William’s new Mayfair Literary League series did not disappoint. In both stories we meet members who take up the League’s ‘For Better or Worse’ challenge which dares them to find a way to make themselves visible to the gentleman they hold a ‘tendre’ for.

These women might be unkindly thought of as ‘wallflowers’, being just a bit late for marriage, or just a bit too shy or scholarly or any of a number of things the ‘ton’ finds less than acceptable in a bride. And so, they’ve gone unnoticed by the men they most crave attention from. 

But this challenge gives them the opportunity to make one last effort, before it’s too late and they’re left ‘on the shelf’, so to speak. Now it is Tibby’s turn. What is she willing to do to make her dreams come true, to make Michael, newly returned from the military, see her not as the girl she was during their shared childhoods, but as the woman she’s grown into during his absence.  

I’ll leave the particulars up to the book, but for this review let me say that so far this series has been a lot of fun to read. Though the challenge may be the same, how each woman in the League goes about it differs.

But in each case the goal is the same, to lift the veil that has kept their heart’s desire from seeing them as more than society does. To see them as someone to love and be loved by, but in the process, helping these women to see themselves as so much more deserving than society deems. 

This is a delightful story and I look forward to seeing what the other members come up with!

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