This is a fun adventure as Kelcie discovers she’s no ordinary girl, neglected by the human world, but someone with amazing gifts and a special purpose.

When she learns about the ‘Otherworld’ and that she might be able to train as a warrior at it’s special academy, Kelcie is determined gain admittance. But now she’s on a path to find out why her parents abandoned her all those years ago…and what happened to them.

This is fun reading for anyone who enjoys a well-written fantasy adventure with mystical Celtic touches. Certainly, if you liked Harry Potter this is your cup of tea, but it’s not Harry Potter, it’s Kelcie, and her story is amazingly entertaining at any age.

This was SO worth the read, I’m hoping there’s a sequel in the future! Click HERE to find it on Amazon.

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Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz

If, like me, you’ve always been a fan of the classic murder mystery, this book is for you. Think Agatha Christie, quaint English villages filled with charming citizens, each with a secret or two. And, of course, the manor house and its powerful owner holding sway of...