Mystery readers love nothing more than to discover a great new series with lots of books to dive into and the Molly Murphy series is just that. Molly is a poor, turn-of-the-century Irish girl. When a local aristocrat’s son makes unwanted advances, feisty Molly suddenly finds herself  fleeing her home and boarding a ship for America. She’s not even to Ellis Island before a dead body shows up on board the ship and she’s forced to use her wits to find the murderer—and save a new found friend.

So begins Murphy’s Law, the first book in Rhys Bowens entertaining page turner of a series. One thing will lead to another (I don’t want to give away all the fun) and Molly discovers she has a bit of a talent for this investigating stuff, so she determines to become a full-fledged private investigator, though she hasn’t much more than her wits when it comes to figuring out just how to go about it.

In a time when the idea of a woman joining the police was unheard of, a female investigator is even more outlandish, but that won’t stop Molly. She’s a determined Irish lass, newly landed in New York City armed with a little knowledge and a lot of ‘brass’, as the locals might say.

As with any good series this one has a growing cast of characters you’ll come to count on. Included in the list are two little orphans who steal their way into Molly’s heart, a flamboyant playwright, a lesbian couple named Sid and Gus who take Molly under their wing, and a police captain named David who steals Molly’s heart…until she learns his secret. And maybe even then.

Bowen does an excellent job of making the reader see, hear and even smell the best and worst of turn-of-the-century NYC. She’s definitely done her research, but even more so, she’s written a very fun series filled with thrills, laughs and a touch of love. Last time I counted there were 19 books in the series—whew! That should keep you busy on any snowy day or cozy evening curled up by the fire. Check out the first book–then enjoy the series!

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