More About Robin P. Nolet

I grew up in the midwest but hit the road to Colorado when it was time for college and never looked back. I love the mountains, the plains and the beautiful blue skies! But I love the ocean too, so I visit when I can, and it definitely influences my writing.

Back in the midwest I was often found out on the back porch or up in a willow tree with a good book—I LOVED reading and I still do. As time went by, it occurred to me that my tendency to daydream was actually my inner writer wanting out and I happily released her!

Since then I’ve written many newspaper columns, blogs, reviews and a handful of short stories, but my favorite writing home is inside a novel. In there I meet all my characters, create their worlds and follow along as they live their lives—which I’m basically reporting on in my books. Yep, those characters certainly have minds of their own…although they live in MY mind. It’s complicated.

Over the years I’ve also worked in construction and real estate which sometimes shows up in my characters and their livelihoods.  I’ve volunteered on PTO’s and church committees and in the summer you may find me in my garden or watching the endless parade of wildlife (deer, coyote, fox…even a bear!) that flows past our house.

I’m blessed with a wonderful and fairly patient family and, at any given time, a dog or two following me around.



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