The Blue River series: Book 3

A Spring Before Summer

 Del Donahue survived divorce and started over. She figured out single-parenting and found a job she didn’t hate. New friends, Gwen and Claire, saved her when she was at her lowest, despite tackling issues of their own. And then she met Jimmy, whose tender, caring nature showed her what love ought to look like. How did she screw that up so badly?

Now her friends have come to her rescue again, convincing her to leave a new job that is stealing her joy, and return to her home in Blue River, Colorado. She’ll have to stop hiding from the heartache left behind when she walked away from Jimmy.

The first time Del started over she was just trying to survive, but this time she’s determined to thrive, shaking off a grey winter, ready for her life to bloom. She’s thinking harder about her work, her kids and her heart, especially her heart. Is there any hope left with the man Del thought loved her, or is it time to move on and find a better life for them all? Can Del start her life over…again?

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