The Blue River series: Book 2

A Road Back to Grace 

Irresistible Sequel to 5 Star reviewed The Shell Keeper…
Claire left real estate and came to Colorado’s wine country to escape and find some well needed R&R. A violent assault that almost ended her life left her feeling adrift in her early 40’s, unsure which path to take next. Her friends encourage and support her, though empty-nester Gwen is busy with a new bakery and single-mom Del is dealing with a very confusing love-life.

Friends, yoga and too much gardening can only go so far. Not to mention a great guy named Bob whose winery takes up more and more of his time. Enter two sweet, little old ladies who live down the road and need her help. Or is it the other way around?

Claire’s rest and relaxation is coming to an end, but will she return to the bleak inner landscape of her old life, or can she step away from the pain of her cynical past and embrace a new life she never expected to want so badly?


“The story is clever, funny, and heartwarming. Set amidst Colorado wine country, we meet new friends and revisit the old. Settle in with a glass of wine and enjoy the read!!”

Lana Williams,

USA Today Best-Selling Author

“Another amazing story about the trio of friends in Nolet's Keeper series. Dare I say I liked it even more than the first. The writing is still superb and cohesive with the first book in the series and your relationship with the characters grows as the story unfolds. I cannot wait for the third installment in this fantastic series!”

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